Creative Arts Therapy In Heroin Addiction Recovery
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People struggling with heroin addiction may find various therapies that include acupuncture, aromatherapy, biofeedback, animal therapy and creative arts therapy. These methods provide patients the help they need in order to fully heal and express what’s inside their mind.

Today, many therapies are now included in the programs of many rehab centers. When addicts enter a rehab, they are given the options to choose the therapy that best suits their needs. One of those that is now gaining acceptance is creative arts therapy.

Creative Arts Therapy Defined:

Creative Arts Therapy, according to the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) is the therapeutic application of arts by people suffering from trauma, diseases or challenges in living. This type of therapy has been used over the years. 

Scientific researches have found that art therapy has a positive life-changing benefits during drug rehabilitation. It can be applied to patients suffering from addictions, such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, alcohol, opiates and drug abuse.

Kinds of Art Therapy:

People battling with drug abuse can enjoy and learn various forms of arts in a rehab facility. These arts include:


Benefits of Art Therapy:

Achieving milestone- Art therapy provides recovering drug users a venue to conquer challenging experiences. Through art, they can discern their self-worth and at the same time, they learn how to trust people again.

Visual expression- Entering the rehab may seem overwhelming for some people. Some may fear expressing their thoughts through communication. However, art provides them the platform to express their thoughts and emotions. 

Boosts confidence- One common trait of people struggling with substance addiction is their low self-esteem. With art, they are able to foster their hidden talent and abilities that can boost their self-worth and confidence.

Emotional healing- One technique used in art therapy is called affirmation cards. Patients with heroin addiction are asked to write phrases such as “I am healthy,” “I believe in myself”or “I am loved,” in a blank paper. By doing it regularly, the patient’s negative emotions turn into positive ones.

Self-discovery- Art therapy can be way for self-discovery. As recovering addicts progress through art therapy, they are able to discover and realize their purpose in life. They are able to find what they really want and make a plan after their treatment.

Prevention of a relapse- Art is a powerful recovery tool that can heal all broken wounds brought about by heroin addiction. Through drawing or painting, previous users may be able to find closure on their dark past and move on with the present and be ready for the future.  



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